Installation of aquarium

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Many are concerned with the question: “Where and how should Aquarium be placed?” And not in vain. This must be taken very seriously?

Place an aquarium can each one, only need to take into account many important factors:

1) It must be placed on a stable, equal surface without tilting. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any vibration or shocks.

2) It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight on the aquarium, as the glass is covered with a green patina.

3) It is desirable for something to put, for example – on paralon not to spoil the furniture on which it is placed, and to reduce the vibration of the aquarium.

4) The aquarium should be at a convenient location near the service outlet.

5) It should fit into the interior of the premises, give it beauty, but not to interfere.

It is advisable to immediately select the best location, so you do not have to carry it with water and fish. Choose a place not too difficult. Using these tips and relying on your intuition – you will succeed.

Good luck.

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