Aquarium care

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Taking care of aquarium is easy. It takes just several minutes per day. You have to feed fishes, check the temperature of the water and all. If the filter is already dirty, you need to wash it, but this operation is carried out once every 2 weeks, or even less. If the glass is covered with a green patina, then you need to take it off the wiper, but this operation to be performed more frequently.

Change water

Sooner or later, but dirty tank completely: the water becomes very muddy and yellow, the soil will be covered in garbage, a lot of dirt on the plants appear. In this case you need to change the water. It is impossible to say how often you need to change the water. We can say only one thing: the smaller the tank more often.

If you see that you need to change the type of water tap and put stagnate water. After 2-3 days proceed. First, turn off all equipment and remove it from the aquarium. Dial a little old water, but in a way so as not to stir up all the water in the aquarium. Carefully catch all the fish. Then remove the algae, the scenery and the soil.

When you have all removed from the aquarium, all you need to thoroughly wash. Algae need to cut the rotten and damaged leaves and root tips. If the soil seems dirty after washing – it can boil.

When everything is washed, again all you need to be placed in the aquarium. First, pour the ground, and then pour more than half of the fresh water, place decorations and plants. Carefully top up the old water tank and is equipped with appliances. And at the end of the run of fish.

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