Tools and equipment

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For decent care of aquarium you need to get some tools and equipment.

The aquarium will look beautiful when placed over the rear glass decorative painting of the dense vegetation of the aquarium, or just blue crumpled paper. If the tank is situated in the center of the room, the walls do not need background.

You must be a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water. You have to constantly monitor the temperature of the water: keep it constant.

It is desirable to have a small net. He will become indispensable in removing unwanted substances from the aquarium. It can also be used to catch small fish and transplant. Sales have nets in different sizes. You need to have a butterfly net to catch all the fish. Because keep in mind when purchasing volume of your tank and the maximum size of the fish.

Often the glass appears green patina. He spoils the view of the aquarium, and simply obstructing his vision. Because you need to buy wiper. You can gently clean the tank without changing the water.

For feeding fish often use special feeders for different types of feed, but we’ll discuss this later.

You can also buy a blade for backfilling soil and removing it from the tank for cleaning. But this thing is not so already and needed.

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