Aquarium scenery

[temporarily machine translation]

Once you have filled the aquarium halfway with water, it is necessary to arrange a decorative material. None of the vital role it plays. You can even do without the decorative material. It is designed only to emphasize the beauty of the aquarium, and giving him a kind of style.

For decorations include beautiful stones, pottery, oil shale, roots, volcanic stones, a variety of locks, turtles and more. Requirements for them are the same as to the soil. That is, they also should not contain metal impurities, and be made of metal or solutes. Before using the scenery, you need a good wash and clean them with a brush, not to leave dirt residues. Also, it is desirable to boil, as the soil to kill all the germs. It is not desirable to use the bug and other materials with sharp corners. Fish that swim along the bottom, or those who have large fins may get hurt.

Placing the scenery should be with the same attention, as well as to prepare them for use. Firstly, we must ensure that these decorations were safely at the bottom (that there is no threat to their fall, or pumping). Secondly, the scenery must not interfere with the fishes. They should not be too much.

Now give free rein to their imagination. Decorate the aquarium as you like. It is so beautiful and attractive, how much do you imagine him to submit such.

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