Fish selection and transportation

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Selection of fish should be treated with the greatest attention. At first, choose hardy and not very expensive fish. These include the guppy, swordtail, zebrafish, but they will be discussed in the following lessons.

You can not overpopulate aquarium because the fish will feel uncomfortable. Calculate the maximum number of fish in such a way: 1 cm body length fish should account for 1 liter. You must hold together only such types that satisfy the requirements of the single around.

When buying fish be sure to pay attention to the fact that they are not sick:
– To fish swam steadily;
– That they were not damaged fins;
– That they have a healthy body color;
– That the body had no painful spots.

When you have already purchased the fish, they need to be properly transported and settle into aquarium.

The vessel in which you are transporting fish should be more air than water. Also, there should not be any unnecessary objects (including any plants).

Once home, dip the container in the aquarium water for 20 minutes to equalize the temperature. Then top off the aquarium water to equalize the chemical composition of fluids. Some time later, transplant the fish with a net, or hands. No way to the aquarium should not cater to the water from the vessel.

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