Aquarium water

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An important element in the establishment of the aquarium is to choose the appropriate water. If the fish can still live without soil or algae, which are mainly used for beauty of the aquarium, it is impossible to do without water in any way.

Best suited tap water. It is cleared by a variety of bacteria, as well as the rigidity of the water corresponds more precisely correct than the rigidity of water wells.

Stacked water should be insisted 2-3 days. Then it can be poured into the tank. The water temperature should be within 21-25 degrees Celsius. Fill the aquarium is necessary after coating the bottom of the soil. Water should pour slowly and carefully, so as not to erode the soil. Even, it is desirable to substitute palm under running water. Fill the aquarium up to half of the water, you need to decorate it with decorations and place the seaweed, and then fill out completely. On the scenery and the algae will go to the story in the following lessons.

If properly look after the aquarium, the water in it must be transparent and colorless, and the smell should remind the smell of the fresh water body and not smell rotten.

In the water, which is already live for a while the fish and plants, appear invisible to the human view of microorganisms that favorably influence on the life of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Such water is often referred to as the old or the water of life. When changing the water it is recommended to keep most of this water, and then fill her tank by mixing it with a new stale, which you have prepared in advance.

Do not forget that fish for water, for air people. Because Heed to the choice of the water.

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