Aquarium vegetation

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Aquarium vegetation play an important role. They give natural beauty aquarium, adding color gamut. Also provide residents with oxygen tank, which is very important.

Available range of freshwater plants quite large and varied. At first you desirable to buy cheap and hardy plants.

You have to provide them with adequate lighting. Place the vegetation so that there is sufficient space available, and that they do not interfere with the lighting of the aquarium. Before planting the algae, it is necessary to cut off the tips of the roots and remove rotten or damaged leaves. When planting the plants, stick root in the soil. You can somewhat compress the roots, so that algae does not float on the water surface, but in this case make sure not to damage the plants themselves. Small algae put in front of the tank, the average value of – in the middle, large – in the rear, respectively, but it is only in the design rules. You can come up with its combination of plant location, and it is possible that you will come out beautiful.

When you have already planted plants, you need to fill the aquarium to the edges with water. Add water slowly and carefully, so as not to spoil the composition.

Good luck!

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