Feeding the fish

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Proper feeding fish provides them a healthy life activity. Because take it the lesson with additional attention.

Feed the fish need two times a day: in the morning and evening. At what to do this at one and the same time, since the fish will already be waiting for you near the feeders.

No one will say how much food you need to give it to your fishes. You have to choose the right amount of food as follows: Stir in a bit of food, and wait for some time if the food will be, you thrashed a bit too much, and if the fish will eat everything and will be looking for food, then repeat this step. In any case it is better to underfeed than to overfeed the fish.

Food is divided into dry and lively, although there is still a vegetable food. Live feed – a variety of small worms, larvae, and more.


Mosquito larvae. You can buy at the pet store at the bazaar or to catch in reservoirs. Store in a cool place, wrapped in a damp cloth. The thickness of the crank must not be more than 1 cm.


Thin red worm. You can buy at the pet store at the bazaar or to catch in reservoirs as well as bloodworms. Store in a cool place in a container with water. They need to be washed every day. You can also simply freeze them.

Before feeding the fish live food is necessary to wash their nets in the water, the temperature of which is close to the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

Dry food

Dry food – is dried small crustaceans, insect larvae and other. It can be bought in pet shops and markets. If you have a small aquarium fish that feed before feeding need to grind. You can not give a lot of dry food because the water will turn cloudy.

Generally from the live food fish grow much faster than dry, but if poorly rinsed live food – there is a threat to bring an infection in the aquarium.

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