Choosing an aquarium

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Aquarium – the world is a part of the water in your home. It is designed to stay in it fish, aquatic turtles, newts, crayfish, frogs, ornamental, aquatic plants, snails, and other aquatic inhabitants. The aquarium should be responsible in proportion to the number and size of fish.

It should also fit well in the interior of the premises. In a small room, a large aquarium will seem odd. So as in the big room a small aquarium simply no one will notice.

Accommodation for fish can be of different shapes and sizes. For form aquariums are very diverse: rectangular, spherical with trimmed corners, and others. By volume, they are also very different from a few liters to several hundred liters. They often share their capacity for small (less than 25 liters), medium (25 to 100 liters), and large (100 to 250 liters). Aquarium volume of more than 250 liters, is not recommended to use at home. They are more suitable for shops, clubs, bars… When choosing a place of residence for its underwater pets, consider the fact that the greater the volume, the better the fishes, rarely need to change the water, the algae grow better, that is, above the biological balance.

Aquariums do different methods and from different materials. For example, there is an aquarium with iron frames, which are considered more reliable, and is – without frame, which are considered more good. There are aquariums made of acrylic plastic, which often have scratches and then in the bottom of the water appears murky, and there are – of ordinary glass, which are considered more fragile than.

Because when you buy or manufactured tank do not forget to take into account all the aforementioned factors. You have to choose the most profitable option for you individually. Good luck in choosing!

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