Snails – aquarium medics

[temporarily machine translation]

Aquarium medics is often referred to snails, shellfish. It happens that from excessive light on the aquarium glass, stones, soil, leaves appear green bloom of algae, moss miserable. Snails eat this scanty moss and that’s how clean aquarium..

They, like, wipe everything from green plaque, just scansorial on it and eating it. They also feed the different microorganisms that are in the water. Shellfish eaten food residues, fish excrement, and sometimes dead fish. Snails filtered water.

Shellfish need oxygenated water. If they crawl upwards and are on the water level – that they do not have enough air. Therefore, it is desirable to use micro-compressor and spray air.

local snails, ie snails from water reservoirs are not suitable for the aquarium. They are very large and quickly die in captivity. I can recommend the following types: red Fizella, ampulyarii large, Melania and others. They can be found on the market or in a pet shop.

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