Types of fish

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Now there are about 500 species of aquarium fish. But I will tell only about some of the more common ones.


A small peaceful fish. The colors are very beautiful and attractive: along the middle of the body passes a bright blue band that lights up, and the bottom of the body to the middle of the tail has a bright red stripe. The fins and tail of a neon transparent. This fish is always kept their flocks because it is desirable to immediately buy some 10 representatives. The male has a blue band is almost equal, and in females slightly bent in the middle.

Tiger barbs

Stein widespread fish. It has bright colors. 4 have vertical black stripes on his body. The upper part of the body is painted in brownish red color, and the bottom – a yellowish white. The male has a bright colors than the female, and it is smaller in size. Poor gets out of angelfish.


One of the most beautiful fish. The body of angelfish almost round, dorsal and anal fins are very elongated pelvic fins like the threads. The body is light silver with transverse black stripes. Not very whimsical. Peaceful and so very well they get along with other peaceful fish. The male has a prominent forehead.


The male reaches a size to 4cm, and females – to 6cm. The colors of the male body is very diverse. They have very large tails coloring which most clearly. And the females do not look like males. They are gray and very unattractive. These fish are peaceful and unpretentious.


Sword-Bearer males have a sword on the underside of the tail, and they are smaller than females. A coloring of the males and females are almost identical. Now there are so many varieties of the Sword, which mainly differ in coloring. Swordtails very peaceful and unpretentious.

Spotted Catfish

Very useful fish. Catfish picks up food from the floor and therefore cleans it. Very mobile benthic fish. Brownish gray coloring with dark spots on the body. Males are smaller than females. It is also the male dorsal fin is thinner and taller.

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