Aquarium soil

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Once you have placed an aquarium, it is necessary to cover its bottom soil. After all, the soil plays an important role. It is necessary, as for the beauty of the aquarium, as well as to support its biological balance. Do not forget that an aquarium – it is part of the water world in which everything has to be balanced and balanced.

Aquarium without soil will look empty and inferior. But plants just do not take root in it. In soil, the origin of all biochemical processes.

The soil can be taken as coarse sand with a diameter of 2-4 mm pebbles diameter of 4 to 8 mm, expanded clay, glass beads, and more. The characteristics of the soil should be: not very small and not very large, should not blur and dissolve in water, must not contain any metallic additives. Before using the soil, it must be very well and carefully rinse. Flush the soil as long as the water, which you washed, will not mirror clean with no signs of turbidity. After washing, the soil should be boiled to destroy all organic matter, bacteria and microbes that may contribute to disease fish.

Pour the soil should be careful not to break the aquarium glass. embankment layer thickness can be quite different from 4 cm to 10 cm and more, depending on the diameter of the soil. For example, if you use the sand grits, then mound thickness should be 4-5 cm, and if pebbles -. To 7cm. Pour the soil in such a way that its level increased uniformly from the front wall to the rear.

For biological balance in your aquarium, you need to pay attention to every part and every element of the aquarium, and especially to the soil.

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